About Us


SavannahBandanas Dresses came out of one of those ‘ah ha’ moments. For years, my daughter and I had been making fun, little, swirly girl dresses with the same bodice used in the SavannahBandanas dress, but the skirts were simple, multi-gored in a single layer. Then I saw the fun, new bandannas in the marketplace and…well…as they say…

The rest is history!


We are now a group of retired professionals who enjoy children’s fashion and sewing . . . all of us live in the midwest region of the USA. Our children are all grown and busy building our collection of grandchildren and the modeling staff! We’ve enjoyed making and promoting these darling little dresses for three years now.

The public reaction to these dresses has been overwhelming and thrilling! We’ve had customers tell us they were stopped at the local Gymboree, in the park, at their child’s music classes, in the doctor’s office, at the grocery store . . . well, this list does go on. It’s pretty safe to say that you simply WILL NOT be able to go anywhere with your daughter(s) dressed in a SavannahsBandanas dress without getting stopped by someone wanting to give you/her a compliment.


Our company is committed to helping women and children . . . dedicating our time, talent, and resources to help groups who are making a difference. Every dress sold from this web-site triggers a 10% donation from our bank account.


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