Dress Details


  • Fully lined bodice
  • double layer skirt
  • tagless garment (branding is printed on bodice lining)
  • same size fits 9 months to 2.5 yrs (approx)
  • 100% cotton, wash & wear
  • sewn by seamstresses in the Midwestern USA
  • pre-washed in Dreft to remove excess dye / starch from the manufacturing process
  • shipped with wholesale and boutique retail tags, ready for you to put on your sales floor


Suggested Retail Price is $165 each. If you are buying a dress through this website and have a special offer coupon, please be sure to tell us when you place your order.


Boutique orders require 6-8 weeks, depending on volume. Contact us for wholesale pricing information. While we are committed to doing everything we can to promote the value of our product line in your boutique, we reserve the right to occasionally offer specific lines at a discounted price on this site through the use of coupons.

Call 712-732-1143, ask for Linda or
email savannahbandanas@gmail.com

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